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when I commit to a person, I FUCKING COMMIT. if their depression, anxiety or life comes knocking, you bet your ass i’m at the door with a double sided axe waiting for a good fight. 

you cant expect people, to always be happy, even if they are in love. because life doesn’t stop for anyone. But you can be there for the good fight. 

The loneliness always hits at the most unsuspecting moments. It’s overwhelming and inescapable, suffocating the vitality out of my bones.  I’ll be eating lunch in the union, surrounded by colleagues, and suddenly an ache impales my chest as the emptiness deepens and my longing for you intensifies.  As long as there’s distance between us, the ache in my chest throbs and throbs, always throbbing, no matter how distracted I keep myself or who I talk to.  No matter how independent I strive to be, I will always need you. I miss you, please come home soon.

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